Okay, so I know I promised you all ten straight days of posts in The Happiness Dynamic Series. We’re five posts into it and I’ve been loving┬áthe discussion so far!

I totally didn’t realize that this was the week I promised to run a couple of posts about my trip to Hollywood to screen The Lorax movie (about to hit theaters!). So, I’ll be doing some awesome Lorax posts tonight and tomorrow night and The Happiness Dynamic Series will pick up again Tuesday or Wednesday night and trickle into next week.

I’ve also decided to write a few more posts as part of the series. These are a few things I’ve thought about after reading your comments in the first five posts. So far, this is what I want to add:

– When the One Thing Missing from the Happiness Equation is Something You Can’t Control
– Happiness isn’t all about having fun. But sometimes it has to be.
– I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up. A Look at How Love Affects Happiness.

And maybe when this series is done, I’ll have bored you all to the next town over. But I need to finish this project. I’m writing this series for me more than anything. I want to understand better what happiness means in my life. What has made me happiest to this point. Why certain things have made happiness impossible for me in the past. Why I’m happier right now than I literally ever have been. And what my own realistic expectations in all of this should be.

I hope you’ll continue to join me for the discussion. I’ve learned a lot reading some of your comments. I’ve gained some great perspective. I think we all have.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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