I just want to say thank you. To all of you.

Yesterday, I posted I Met Someone. I told you all that I had hit it off really well with Brandy Girl and that it looked like she would be around for a while. I won’t lie. She’s got me. Hook, line, and sinker.

I was overcome with emotion after reading all of your responses.

I’m still not really sure why.

Eh, I lied. I do know why.

You were all kind. And nice. And wonderful. And sweet. And encouraging. And awesome. It seemed that you all genuinely cared about me and what would make me happy.

I didn’t really realize it until I read your comments, but I think I was expecting some degree of backlash. I was expecting people to start telling me all the dangers of dating someone new. I was expecting people to lay out what I needed to do to make it work. I was expecting people to tell me why love and the pursuit of love is overrated. I was expecting people to tell me to be careful.

Shoot. I don’t know what I was expecting.

I just wasn’t expecting an outpouring of complete support and love.

I guess it’s the nature of writing the kind of blog I do. So much of what I write is intended to get people to think and debate. To some degree I want at least some people to disagree when I post many of the things I post. It’s how poignant conversation gets going. It’s how people see so many of the other sides of the discussion. It’s how change happens.

But usually I get at least some criticism for the “everyday, this is my life, happy happy” type of posts too. People tell me what I can be doing differently as a parent. People tell me what I can be doing differently in life. People tell me what I could have said better, how I could have reacted to things better, or what I should be saying differently. That’s fine. I’ve learned to listen or not listen.

But because of all that, I always just kind of expect it, no matter what I’m posting.

Including when I posted last night’s post.

But you all made my day.

I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I got it, but I did. I really needed you to be happy for me on this one. Because I am really happy I found her. She’s one in a million.

So, thank you.


PS. The next post in the Happiness Series is coming tonight. I think you’ll find it interesting just based on this post if nothing else.

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