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It’s Noah’s birthday. He turns five today, and as I contemplate just how funny and awesome a human being he is, I can’t help but think I should do something to honor this kid who completes me.

So to do that, I hereby declare today to be International Act Like a 5-Year Old Day! Participation is mandatory. If you don’t participate, you’ll be given extra chores and you won’t get to watch Sponge Bob for at least a week!

To properly celebrate IALA5OYOD (it just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?) you should make sure to do the following throughout the day.

  1. You should sneak treats from the cupboard when nobody is looking.
  2. You should giggle like crazy when somebody unintentionally makes a funny face.
  3. You should find another random person and make a friend. Instantly.
  4. You should put your socks on upside down.
  5. You should walk out of the garage and look at the sky before you get into your car.
  6. You should be thrilled when somebody offers you a free sticker. And you should wear it proudly.
  7. You should drop some of the food you don’t want to eat under the table.
  8. You should walk up and scratch your dad’s back just because you know he likes it.
  9. You should remember something exciting when you wake up and literally jump out of bed in anticipation.
  10. Speaking of beds, you should go into your bedroom and jump on yours.
  11. You should tell your parents that you want them to do something fun with you.

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