Last week I published Whose Life is it Anyway, a post that covered a smorgasbord of complicated life dynamics centered around the ever-complicated theme of happiness.

The aftermath of that post has been completely different than anything I’ve ever published. The traffic was through the roof. Interestingly though, the share counts were low, and so were the comments (in relation to the traffic). I also received more emails in the first few days of that post than I ever have before.

And maybe that doesn’t mean anything to most of you, but I live and breathe this blog. I keep my ear to the tracks here. And because there is generally a lot of traffic on SDL, things are measurable. Major differences in the way things happen usually mean a significant change in dynamic is going on.

In this case, the question is what?

Based on all the emails and comments I have received, I have my theories.

But even more than that, I realize that there are a lot of dynamics to this that still need to be discussed.

The Happiness Dynamic, as I’ll be calling it, is something that I’ve spent most of my life contemplating and thinking about. I don’t have all the answers, but I sure have fallen down a lot in the attempt to find them. I’ve also always gotten back up and learned a few things every time I did.

And so, I want to have a discussion with you over the next ten weekdays about this (hopefully starting tonight). I originally thought I could sit down and write a single follow-up post, but when I started listing out all of the dynamics I wanted to discuss, I realized that clumping it all together would be impossible.

I hope you’ll all get in on the discussion. Everyone benefits so much when we get to hear the insight of others, whether we agree or disagree, and let’s be honest… each of you have learned a thing or two about happiness (or lack thereof) as well.

Right now, these are the posts I’ll be writing, though don’t hold me to the titles (and definitely not the order).

  1. Are You the Common Denominator of Unhappiness?
  2. Does Happiness Really Come from Within?
  3. Selfishness vs. Self-Care
  4. When Something I Write Brings Heavy Consequences
  5. Wanna Lower the Divorce Rate? Here’s an Idea.
  6. The Two (Very Different) Kinds of People in Religion
  7. The “Fearful Sharing” Phenomenon
  8. Are You Making it Impossible for Others to be Happy?
  9. That Damn Family Pressure
  10. Why are the People You Love Telling Me their Secrets instead of You?

Wow, I better get writing.

Oh, and don’t worry, I’ll post at least a couple lighter/funnier posts as well as Beautiful You throughout. I don’t want things getting too heavy around here.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Are there any other big “happiness dynamics” that you think really need to be covered? Do you think this will be a helpful conversation? Which title above stands out to you as super important?

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