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Let’s see… where did  I last leave you in the final moments of Noah becoming a big brother… Oh, yes. Andrea was dilated to a six and Noah was making me dial Chappy’s number at least once an hour to find out if his baby brother had been born yet!

Well, eventually it was our phone that rang and Noah came bolting from the other room when it did. “Guess what buddy?” Chappy said on the phone. He had that “this is the best day of my life even though I’m more tired than I ever have been in my life” tone.”The baby is here!”

Noah just looked at me and grinned, eyebrows raised.

“Noah, did you hear me? Your baby brother is here!”

“Mom pushed him out of her tummy all the way!?” Noah’s grin spread impossibly wider.

“Yep! Are you gonna come see him?”

That was all Noah needed to hear. He dropped my phone and was out of the room before it hit the ground, demanding that I hurry up and get out of there.

All the way to the hospital he repeated the same two things over and over. “Dad, I have waited so long for this!” and “My baby is here! My baby is here!”

We knocked on the door to their hospital room and Chappy came out. “You don’t want to see him, do you?” Noah did his best to barrel Chappy over and get inside. When he finally did, he burst through the door and booked it straight over to Andrea who was holding a ball of purple and pink squirminess, surrounded in blankets.

“My Baby. My Baby.” Noah said as he approached the tiny person. As soon as he got there his voice lowered and he became overly cautious as he started checking out the new addition to their family. Almost immediately the baby looked up as if he knew Big Brother was there. And through unfocused eyes he seemed to focus right on him.

Noah poked and petted and prodded him. Completely fascinated.

And then he got to hold him.

And you could see in his eyes. It was love at first sight.

He just held him for the longest time. Happy.

And then he pulled the baby’s hat back to make sure he had hair. If you know Noah, you know he loves a good head of hair. This baby didn’t let him down.

He didn’t let anybody down.

Throughout the visit, Noah was completely fascinated with his brother’s tiny purple toes.

How could he not be?

And then, after the baby had been handed off to somebody else, he climbed up on Mom and gave her the gift he had been working on.

It said, “i L Mo.” It’s how he spelled I Love Mom.

And just like “that” their little family was even more complete than it was before.

And I may have snuck a few shots of the first “all boys” moments.

And then after another soft stroke and a tiny kiss from Noah, we said goodbye.

It was really, really, really, really neat to watch the moment that Noah met his baby brother. The way he fell in love with him said everything. He’s gonna be a good big brother. A strong big brother. A protective big brother.

Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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