Okay, that’s it. Somebody send me a big old crow to eat. I’ll stick it inside of a humble pie and wrap it up with a serious dose of the “I was wrongs.”

Pinterest is actually awesome.

For the last year or so I’ve politely nodded every time friends, family members, fellow bloggers, or complete strangers suggested I get onto Pinterest. I never really understood how it worked, and I didn’t really care. My excuse was always that I had too many things to stay on top of already. The truth was it sounded stupid to me. Really stupid.

And as silly as it was, I would see the Pinterest logo and think the design was so amateur and too scrapbooky. I still think that.

But yesterday I finally decided to get onto Pinterest. And it immediately sucked me in. And I’m not talking just a little. I’m talking sucked me in for the next three hours kind of suck me in. Oh, and from 10 pm to 3 am, too.

Damn you, Pinterest. I love you. And I think I’m going to hate loving you as much as I love hating you. You’ve got me. And I’m yours.

If you don’t know how Pinterest works, let me explain it to you in non-homemaker, non-mom, more manly terms.

You see, the people that always pitched it to me always tried to sell me on it by telling me about all the CRAFTS and all the CLOTHES and all the DECORATING and all the RECIPES. And so I figured that there wasn’t much more to it than that.

But forget I even mentioned those things. And let me explain how it works.

You’re on a public walkway. Now, picture a big wall in front of you.

It’s your wall.

Your very own wall.

And on that wall you hang a whole bunch of different bulletin boards. And you get out your fancy label gun, and you give each bulletin board a name. On the first one, you type “the funniest stuff I’ve ever seen in my life.” On the next one you type, “scary pictures of rabbits.” And on the next one, “What motivates me.” And on the next one, “Stuff I love but would never want my kids to see.” Dude, it’s your wall. It’s public, but it’s your wall. And you can make fancy labels with your fancy label gun and you can make your bulletin boards be whatever you want.

Then, you go about your merry way, and while you’re out getting your tires rotated, you read something hilarious in MAD magazine. So you get all sneaky and rip out the article, you take it to your wall full of bulletin boards, and you pin it onto “the funniest stuff I’ve ever seen in my life” board. And the people who are walking by look at it while they’re there and they laugh their faces off because, let’s be honest, it’s funny. So funny, in fact, that some of those people get copies and stick it on their own bulletin boards.

Later you’re out and about when a rabbit with 4-inch fangs and blood-red eyes hops onto your windshield long enough for you to take a picture. After you clean your pants out, you print out the picture, and you go pin it onto your “scary pictures of rabbits” bulletin board. And the people who are walking by look at it while they’re there and they get the shudders, and they say “oh yeah, that’s a scary rabbit all right.” And some of them like your picture and they get a copy and pin it on their own boards.

Pretty soon you have people that are purposefully walking by your wall every day because they like the things you pin to it. It saves them the trouble of going out and finding all this stuff on their own. Cause who has time for that?

That’s all Pinterest is. Except it’s on your computer screen. And you use your mouse. And you click “pin it” instead of actually jabbing sharp metal objects into cork boards.

Had somebody explained it to me like that… well, shoot. I would have signed-up a long time ago. As much as I love the thought of spending all day every day looking at new and fun ways to display dishes on my kitchen table, I much more like the thought of scary bunny pictures. Don’t judge me. You get your chills your way. I get my chills my way.

Anyway, if you’re on Pinterest, come to my page and tell me how I’m doing so far. Follow me if you think my boards are awesome (user name is danoah). If you haven’t signed-up yet, go do it. It’s super easy. If you’re a guy, definitely come sign-up and help me manly-up the place a little. You may have to just unfollow some of the fu-fu stuff. That’s what I did and it’s easy. Now my “virtual public walkway” is more fun to walk down than Bourbon Street.

Oooh. Bourbon Street. I need to go put that on my “Must Visit Before I Croak” page.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Have you tried Pinterest yet? Have you found it as incredibly fun and addictive as I have? Have you been as stubborn as I have?

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