This is me…

I’m just a regular Joe. And as a regular Joe, I feel like I deserve every bit of happiness and excitement that regular Joes everywhere get to experience.

So, imagine my sadness when every time it’s celebrity doppelgänger week on Facebook, I miss out on the happiness and fun. You see, in 31 years, I have never found a celebrity or well known figure that looks like me.

I swear, everybody else looks like somebody famous. But not me.

Or at least I didn’t think I did.

But then I was walking through the supermarket and it hit me. I know who I look like! Once the connection was made in my mind, I did some quick research and sure enough… the resemblance was uncanny. I bet some people could even mistake us for twins.

So scroll down and tell me you don’t see it too…











Keep scrolling…










A little more…









Almost there…












Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Do you think I look like anybody famous? Who’s your celebrity doppelgänger?

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