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A little while back, I opened a mysterious, unidentified envelope that ended up being from PayPal.

“Great news… it’s that time of year… yada yada yada… a dividend has been deposited into your account!” Woohoo! I thought as I unfolded the paper to see just how much richer I now was. Would it be $20? $50? $100?

I was a little disappointed when I saw that it was… 33 cents.

And then my disappointment turned into straight-up annoyance as I realized just how much “receiving” that thirty-three cents was going to cost me.

Come tax time, I’m going to have to factor in that thirty-three cents as I gather all my tax information for my accountant. I’m going to have to print off the PayPal tax summary. I’m going to have to take the time to input it into the Excel spreadsheet and balance the rest of my finances with it.

Then, I’m going to hand it all to my accountant who charges a hundred bucks an hour. He’ll have to include it in whatever he does, which I’m sure will cost me a few minutes of his time; a few minutes he’ll have no problem charging me for.

But why stop there? In addition to all that, I have now spent the time it takes to write this post, which could have spent doing something to build my following, writing my new book, or finding some way to bring in some money.

In the end, and being as whiny and grim as I can, I figure that 33 cents actually is costing me about sixty bucks.

Thank you PayPal.

Keep your dividends to yourself.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Do you ever get annoyed at the “true” cost of things? Like what? 🙂

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