Are you looking for the perfect recipe for the ultimate case of cabin fever? Well, you’ve come to the right place because after 31 years of experimenting with different techniques, I’ve found it!

I assure you, I have never seen cabin fever cook-up so perfectly as it does with the following list of ingredients. Be sure to follow the directions exactly.


1 Winter that starts earlier than usual.
1 Winter with almost no snow, thereby taking away any reason you’d ever have for leaving the house at all.
1 Dirty house.
1 Romantic break-up.
1 Smelly dog.
2 Bad cartons of milk in the fridge.
1 Missed episode of your favorite show.
1 Vicious cold.
2 Eyes infected with pink eye.
1 Severe allergic reaction.
1 Case of strep throat.
1 Tiny backyard full of dog poop.
4 Heaping baskets of dirty laundry.
1 Neighbor yelling at you for leaving your garbage cans out for two days.
1 Dropped carton of eggs.

First, you take your winter that starts earlier, and add to that the winter with almost no snow. You’ll want to longingly look at your snowshoes and your skis every time you pass by them in the garage. Next, walk past the sleds and picture all the fun you thought you were going to have with your kid when you bought him all that expensive snow gear last October.

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