This morning I was feeling pretty dang good, ready to jump into blogging full-steam again.

While I was taking a much needed break for the past 10 days, I decided that (as a step toward keeping my sanity) it was finally time to defend myself against some of the baseless accusations and slandering that have gone on in the dad blogging world.

I have tried not to ever go there. I have believed that if I just kept doing my best and being honest in my writing, time would take care of it all. But sometimes (I’m realizing) time doesn’t take care of it, and it is okay to defend myself. So I have.

The drama of it all really doesn’t matter. I will not be sharing what I’ve written as a blog post here on Single Dad Laughing. I have no need to create that kind of negative atmosphere here.

After doing it, however, I do need to take a couple more days off to clear my head again. It was a very taxing task. A therapeutic task. One that freed a very hurting and angry part of me that was really starting to affect my writing, parenting, relationships, mood, and life in general.

Anyway, stay tuned. In the next two to three days I’ll be back, sharing all sorts of fun stories that have happened whilst I was out and about.

For example, Samantha and I were hiking and discovered Bigfoot foot prints. I kid you not. I have the photographic evidence to prove it.

Also, on a last-second whim, I decided to take Noah to the happiest dang place on earth for a few days. I won’t tell you where. I’m pretty sure this picture has no clues that’ll give it away…

Tomorrow I’ll share a post I wrote for Babble about Noah and a little big incident we had with a booger on Sunday. I promise lots of laughs on that one.

Anyway, I feel great. Excited to start fresh here. Excited to again be doing some things with my writing that the heaviness of this blog have taken from me. It’s time to get back to the single dad laughing part of it all again.

Love ya all. See you tomorrow for the booger post.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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