If there’s one thing I want to make sure, it’s that my kid doesn’t grow up terrified to sing in front of other people. Not that I feel some deep urge for him to do it as a living or something; I just want him to never experience what I did as an adult. You see, I spent a lot of years not doing much singing in front of others because of the fears of not being good enough or being made fun of.

But in secret I would still sing. In the shower, I would still sing. In my car, I would still sing. And I always hated that I couldn’t ever let loose in front of others the way I really wanted to.

I believe every person is a singer. It doesn’t matter if perfect technical abilities are there. Something within each of us longs to do it. Don’t try to deny it. You know it’s true as much as I did in years past.

Anyway, my son’s early timidity for it has already given me plenty of motivation to give him confidence in it while he’s still young. And this is how I’ve done it so far…

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that is a great way to instill fun and confidence!! My 7 year old (the eldest) is way more shy then the younger.. I normally have to sit with her for the 1st time for almost everything. My younger, not so much. Until recently... I was shocked when we went to girl scouts for the 1st time this week and "shorty" didnt want me to leave!! I had to remind her that her sister was there, and 3 other friends they have in common.. I hung about for a bit, but then left. (went to return books at the library lol what a mom thing to do) and she had a good time, but was HAPPY to see me. I have to work with her more on it now it seems. I wish it were as easy as getting them to sing! I think for us this Monday will have to be a promise of baking something after homework is done!