So I like the ballet, big deal. Guys tend to think I’m a wuss for it. Girls tend to think I’m awesome. I don’t really care who thinks what, I think incredible ballet is… well… incredible.

I recently went and watched Swan Lake, one of my favorite ballets. If you haven’t seen it done by a professional company you need to. The story is beautiful, and the dancing is awe inspiring.

Of course, the quality of the ballet to me depends more than anything on the strength and grace of the prima ballerina and the premier danser noble (the lead ballerina and lead “dude ballerina”). To watch true professionals do their thing leaves me hoisting my jaw off the ground over what they do. I mean, a lot of what they do seems like it should be impossible. They perform physical tasks that make me wince as I watch. They do freaky things like walk on the tips of their toes (en pointe). Their leaps, turns, and insane pirouettes boggle the mind.

But I think more than anything I love to just watch their bodies while they dance. Yeah I know, that doesn’t sound overly classy, but seriously, these guys are as athletic as they come. As they dance (and due to the extreme form-fitting nature of their costumes) you can just see the beauty in their muscles. As they’re dancing, their muscles are flexing and pumping and just… plain… sexy.

I remember the first time I went to the ballet. My parents bought tickets for the older kids in our family and we all went out to The Nutcracker. I was not happy to be wasting an entire Saturday night watching lame-o’s dance around for two and a half hours. I’ll admit that I went with a chip on my shoulder, determined not to like it.

I also remember how quickly I was drawn into it. I remember how, despite my best weenie-teenager attempts to hate it, I couldn’t deny to myself that it was an incredible experience. I still remember that night’s specific dancers, some of their more incredible moves, and how beautiful it was. Ever since that evening, I’ve jumped at the chance to go see the ballet.

If you haven’t been to the ballet, you should go. It’s a great excuse to get dressed up. It’s a great excuse to  have a night out on the town. And guys… guess what. You too! Just try it. Be a man. There’s not a lot you can do that’s more manly than that.

My advice (that I got from my uncle), get there half an hour early and read the story in the program before the ballet starts. If you do that, the entire ballet will be 20 times more enjoyable because you’ll actually know what’s going on.

How about all of you? Do you love the ballet? Have you never been? If you do love it, what do you love most about it? Do you think it’s manly to love the ballet?

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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