As I mentioned, Noah and I just got back from a little sponsored vacation in San Antonio.

Every time we get on a plane together, we both get super excited about takeoffs and landings. It’s our favorite part of any flight, and we usually do countdowns together to see if we can guess the exact timing.

But this time, well into our final decent, Noah clicked off his iPad, shut the cover, turned and looked at me (very awake, it seemed), and declared, “Dad, I’m going to sleep now.”

He burrowed his head into my arm before I could yell “NO!” and fell asleep.


I’ve never seen him fall asleep with such speed.

I tried to thwart it, knowing that waking him up ten minutes into a heavy nap would be disaster, but it was no use. It didn’t matter how much I jostled him or yelled at him. He was out for the count.

As the plane was about to touch down, I attempted again, desperately trying to lure him with our awaited count down.

And… nothing.

He was out. And he wasn’t waking up.

As the plane was de-boarding, he had no choice but to wake up. And, just as I knew I’d have to, I got to deal with a seriously cantankerous and moody kid for the next hour.

It was a crash landing for poor little Noah that day. Which ultimately I had to laugh about.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. yeah, I know the picture above isn’t from the plane. It was from the taxi cab when he had his first crash landing of the trip.

PPS. Do any of you parents know that feeling of trying desperately to keep your kids awake to avoid the inevitable crankiness that will ensue when they have to wake up?

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