So, last week I met up with some of my best friends from college. For most of ’em, it had been years since we’d seen each other.

It’s amazing how you can see old friends and start remembering things that you’d all but forgotten.

Like when Tyson and I were standing on the Flaming Gorge bridge (about 65 feet up) and were too chicken to jump, but then these bikini clad cuties walked up and told us we were so cool for jumping off. So, we jumped. And almost died. And never saw those girls again because they ditched us.

Or the time when we went midnight skinny dipping at the hot pots and all the guys got out and did the can can, and how we thought it was too dark for the girls to see anything, but here 13 years later we’re learning otherwise.

Or the time we went on a road trip and made it onto The Price is Right.

Or the time when I made a doodle on a post-it note and decided to get it tattooed onto my back, and somehow 13 years later the same friends who laughed with me in the tattoo parlor were laughing again because they got me to take my shirt off and show them.

We talked about old boyfriends and girlfriends, missing friends, and our current relationships (or lack thereof).

We talked about our kids. Our jobs. And our families.

We talked about our health problems and our near death experiences and we talked about how talking about that stuff really made us old.

And more than anything, we remembered how much we loved each other and how much fun we all had. And, we made plans to do it all again soon.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Do you love connecting with old friends as much as I do? If you were to connect with your college friends, what are some of the funny stories you would reminisce about?

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