After unplugging from all forms of the internet for a couple days, I discovered that things could get rather… boring. The weather was cold and windy, so going outside didn’t sound too fun. Being cooped up indoors, you can only play so many games of Candyland and Chutes and Ladders before you can’t stand ’em anymore. And, I can only handle so much Phineas and Ferb before wanting to throw a brick through the tv screen.

So, I did what any logically thinking parent would do, and I invited Noah’s mom and stepdad to go to Disneyland with us the following week. They jumped on board with the idea, we reserved tickets and hotels, and I delivered the news to Noah who had been wanting to go back to the Happiest Place on Earth since he was last there as a two-year old.

To say he was excited was an understatement.

Every five minutes for the next three days I had to tell him exactly how long it would be until we left for our airplane. When our alarms went off at 4am on the big day, he was using me as a human trampoline before I could reach out and hit the snooze button.

Thirty minutes later we were standing with our packed bags, waiting for Andrea and Chappy to arrive.

We got to the airport, and it became quickly apparent that Noah wasn’t going to wait around for anybody.

Like a heat seeking missile, he took us to our gate and before we knew it we were flying high over the Mojave Desert. Isn’t it pretty?

And aren’t we pretty, especially in this lighting?

After getting to Disneyland, we headed to the Disneyland Hotel and paid the big bucks to attend Goofy’s Breakfast. We’d heard from a couple people that it was a must-do for any Disney-goer.

It was pretty great. Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza, made-to-order omelets, and lots of Disney Characters stopping by your table for autographs and one-on-one time with the kids. Noah was most excited to see Chip, I think. Though his big two were Mickey and Donald who didn’t show up to this shindig. I assured him we’d find Mickey eventually.

And then I saw him.

You know how on Disneyland commercials they always show the kid or the grown-up finally seeing the one character that’s just magical for them? Well, I didn’t think I had one. Until Baloo walked in. I got all giddy and starstruck and had to take a bazillion pictures with him. Noah was a little hesitant at first but eventually the need for an autograph won out.

Later that day we hit the parks, but I’ll tell you all about that (and what an adrenaline junkie Noah is) tomorrow. By the end of night one, Noah was one tired camper, and my shoulders were ready for the hotel hot tub.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. What is your magical Disney character? You know, the one that would make you light up? And what characters do it for your kids? Also, when’s the last time you took a last-minute vacation somewhere fun and where’d you go?

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