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Photo of the Week: Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell
A mountain explodes with fire, taunting the neighborhoods below. Yet somehow above, the night sky remains clear and peaceful.

Turns Out It’s a Journey After All

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing Portrait
I was supposed to show you my before/after pics. Well, the deadline's here and it's gonna have to be before/middle ones instead. Turns out it's a journey after all.

Take Your Photos to the Next Level with 5 Easy Composition Tips!

Example of 'Rule of Thirds' - Man and Baby
Want to transform your photo from a common snapshot into amazing photography? These 5 easy composition tips will take your photos to the next level!

Gone Fishin’

Noah and I are due for some "just us boys" time.

When Life Leaves You Dangling from a Helicopter

Oh... my... goodness. Do I have a tale to tell you all.

This is Beautiful You

Finally, my favorite post of the week! Every Saturday night or Sunday morning I take some of the photos that you have uploaded to the Facebook wall, and I post them here. I love This is Beautiful You because it gives me (and everybody else) an incredible glimpse of who we all are. It puts a face on the awesome people coming here. It gives us a beautiful idea of the uniqueness and diversity of the followers here at SDL. More than anything, it shows all of us just how beautiful we each can be. Anyway, thank you for sharing a small part of yourselves. It’s my honor to put the spotlight on you today. This is beautiful you. Which photos made you the happiest today? If you’d like to send in photos to be considered for a future “This is beautiful you” and other future blog posts, please post them on the Facebook wall (we need lots more!). Only upload photos that you don’t mind me...

Photo of the Week: Fire in the Sky

This morning during breakfast, all the light in the room suddenly went bright orange. I stepped outside with my camera just in time to see...

Babysitter Swap

How do you go out and make time for yourself when you can't afford a babysitter? The answer is simple. And fun. And awesome. The babysitter swap.

Just so danged cute.

I couldn't help but snap a couple photos of Noah while I did a photo shoot for a friend. He's just so damned cute. But I'm not biased or anything.

That’s Just Depressing

This is a post I remember starting but not writing. It was written in a valley of depression. And while it's not upbeat, I hope we can all talk about it today.

Get Your Camera Into Gear with 3 Essential Photography Basics!

Easy Photography Tips Tricks
Every photographer needs to understand these three simple photography basics. Just knowing these basics will make your photography SO much more fun!

Fix That Text!

When voice-spoken texts go delightfully awry, it leaves us all only one option. We need to have a contest to see who can tell me what was actually said!

Me. In 40 Years.

I've been having a little too much fun with the Age Booth App. This is me. In 40 years. Besides the fact that my nostril gets chopped...

In Which I Respond to Josh Weed’s Club Unicorn Post

Josh (a gay man) rocked the boat when he shared about his marriage to a straight woman. But as challenging a post as it was, something just didn't sit right with me.

What in the world…

Anybody speak Japanese? I saw this advertisement on Facebook and I just started laughing. I mean... what in the world is this thing...

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The Last Mile

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