On Saturday, Noah and I attended a family reunion at Willow Park in Logan. As is the case any time a playground is present, we spent a good portion of it playing on the swings.

Noah loves the enclosed swings (you know, the ones where the kid basically sits in a giant rubber diaper) because I can really get him flying without fear of him face planting into the rubber pavement below. Only this time, we came up with a new game. I would catch him on the apex of his swing and hold him dangling precariously in the air. Then I’d let him go with a giant push and catch him again on his return. We were both laughing and having a ball.

After doing this at least seven or eight times, he started yelling something in between his squeals of laughter. It sounded like, “Ooooh! Badendas badendas!”

His laughter never lessened and he kept repeating it over and over every time I’d catch the back of his swing. “Ooooooooooooh! Badendas badeeennndaas!”

I finally stopped laughing long enough to ask him what he was saying. And he started giggling.

“Dad, you got my tenders!” he screamed. “I was saying, “Ooooh! My tenders! My tenders!”

As any dad would at the thought of his son’s manhood being crushed, I got concerned. “Did I hurt your tenders?”

“No! But you got ’em good!” he said.

“Oooh man. I’m sorry bud.”

He just looked at me and started laughing. “Do it again! Do it again! That was SO fun!”

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. What’s your favorite thing to do with your kids at the park? Have you ever inadvertently “gotten your kid in the tenders?”