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Haha, remember last week when I posted this photo (along with another)?

Well, apparently not a whole lot of people thought it was as insanely awesome and funny as we did. This was evidenced both by the complete lack of likes and interest from my own Facebook friends and the *almost* no comments or traffic on that post.

Haha. Oh well. I had expected people all around the entire world to start taking Dixie Cup Eye photos and have greatly improved, better lives as a result. I expected hundreds. Maybe thousands. Maybe millions of people to send their pictures to me.

I got five.

And these five people are officially the awesomest people in the history of all awesomeness.

We got the classic double-shot from Erica, just like Kelsey and I came up with.

Then we got the monocle shot from Shelby.

Then things really started getting creative. Rachel and her daughter got creative and made some fantastic versions of Dixie Cup Eyes with them.

And then, a couple days ago, Brittney sent me these. Which of course made me immediately aspirate the water I was drinking.

So while it wasn’t a worldwide success. It was a HUGE success in my book. At least for the cool people who thought it was as cool as we did. 🙂

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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