Remember that post My New Journey Begins where I stripped down practically neckid for you all and told you that I was going to kick my butt into gear and get myself into the best damn physical shape of my life?

Oh… and that my goal was to have the final unveiling be July 10th?

Well… July is coming up quick, but the journey isn’t going as drastically fast as I had hoped. And… as much as I had wanted to show off a new six pack and rippling pecs by then, it just ain’t gonna happen. At least not without a very long sit-down with my pal Photoshop.

That being said… it is still going to happen. Eventually. The timing now has just been changed to “when it happens.”

Which I think is healthier, and I’m okay with it because I’ve come to grips with a few things, the last three of which I’ll expound on in upcoming blog posts. And by upcoming, I mean next week’s first three main morning posts.

For now, I’ll show you a “current pic,” taken last week. You know, since you’re all just dying to see my pretty face.

Anyway, that’s where I’m currently at with things. And this is what I’ve come to grips with on this journey so far.

First, my body is way more stubborn than it used to be. Apparently burning fat in your thirties isn’t as easy as it was in your twenties. Packing on extra pounds, however, has certainly gotten easier, so I can’t complain that everything’s more difficult.

Second, building every major muscle group in your body to where they’re balanced, strong, sexy, and to where they cast shadows in the sunlight is gonna take a wee bit more than a few months.

Third, friends are more important than personal trainers. Both at the gym and at karaoke bars.

Fourth, if I want a body that’s healthy and fit for life, I have to build it in a timeline that’s realistic. I also have to do it by doing the things I can do every day, forever. Apparently working out thirteen hours per day, nine days per week isn’t the most realistic habit.

And finally, any time I obsess too much about it, I start slipping into old eating disorder habits, and worse. Like how a month and a half ago I found myself sitting across the desk from somebody who could do something drastic (and very unhealthy) to help it all happen. But I’ll talk about that in a few days.

I started this with a post called, “My New Journey Begins.” The funny thing is, I expected barely a journey at all. I just figured I’d blink and be at the destination.

Now I’m glad I called it what I did because that’s exactly what it has become and what I should have always expected it to be. I hope you don’t mind me sharing a few tidbits next week.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. What are some of the things you’ve learned as you’ve tried to get your body into better physical shape? What were things you expected but were unrealistic?

PPS. I wrote this and the next three posts before the Search and Rescue events of last weekend. It’s amazing how fast additional perspective can enter your life, and I thought it best to still share these before I share that story.

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