Wow. Two years of posts here on Single Dad Laughing. It’s been a heck of a ride so far.

If you’re not a blogger, you should be one. It’s SO much fun!

731 days so far. 911 blog posts. A few successful posts. A LOT of posts that completely flopped. Had 2 near-death experiences. 1 thwarted-stalker. 62 dates. 2 girlfriends. 4 break-ups (the math doesn’t make sense to me either). Tried to break-up 1 wedding. Participated in 1 dancing competition. Recruited to star in a big network reality dating show. Rejected big time for the big network reality dating show. Angered the anti-circumcision people. Angered breastfeeding advocates. Angered animal rights activists. Did stupid things to anger other parent bloggers 12,420 times. Upset a lot of Christians. Upset a lot of gays. Upset a lot of straight people. Upset some Mormons. Upset Obama supporters. Accused of fraud. Upset a girl I was dating after writing about her. Upset my mom for the same reason. Was taken to the edge of broke. Was saved by my readers. Finally figured out how the whole ad thing works. Published 1 book. Attended 2 press junkets. Met 8 movie stars. Kissed by 1 movie star. Arrested for trying to kiss 1 movie star (okay, that one’s not true, but I was tempted with Betty White). Raised $20,000 for sick kids. Started 7 blogs. Still writing 4 blogs. Laughed 20,000 times (at least). Cried 7 times (at least). Almost quit SDL three times. Didn’t quit SDL three times. Watched my kid turn 4. Watched my kid turn 5. And had… the… ultimate… BLAST.

To be honest, I can’t believe it’s only been two years with how much has happened.

And I decided I deserve to splurge a little on myself today.

So, I went to and ordered a few awesome videos to make you all laugh while we celebrate SDL’s big #2. If you’re not familiar with fiverr, I suggest you make yourself familiar with fiverr. People post all sorts of stuff they’ll do for five bucks. Like Girl Puppet here who made-up and performed an awesome puppet rap video for me. (I’ve linked to the people who made all these in case you wanna do something more awesome than a super-lame birthday card for that special someone next time around).


I mean come on. Best five bucks ever. Unless you count the thong-clad Welshman, the dude who catches himself on fire, the underwater messenger, the teeny-bikini girl, or the stop-motion video on the next pages, all of whom I gave free license to do or say whatever they like for my big blog birthday celebration. 🙂

Click the page numbers below to check out the other awesome Single Dad Laughing birthday videos today.

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