Ever since Apple built that little microphone onto their iPhone keyboard, I’ve used it to compose the majority of my texts. Usually it does okay. Sometimes it changes things on me. Sometimes it really changes things on me.

At first I would get annoyed having to go back and fix the texts manually. But then I put on my blogger hat and realized… this could be a lot of fun.

So… I have a challenge for you (and hopefully it’s tougher than the last one which almost everyone got immediately). Who can guess what I actually said into the microphone when I sent this text? Kind of like that awesome game Mad Gab.

The first person to guess it word for word gets mad kudos, excellent vibes, and a giant bear hug if we ever meet.

TEXT BACKGROUND: I was driving to my friend Kelsey’s house and I noticed a recurring “something” on the public grass strips as I neared her home.

Ready… Set…


Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Tomorrow I’ll post the winner (if there is one) right here in this same post and will personally deliver the kudos and vibes.

Click page two below if you want to see the answer and the winner!

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