Last night I had a doozy of a dream and it’s kind of weirding me out.

I dreamed that I was boarding a plane with my group of rowdier friends to Southern California when the flight attendant pulled me aside and asked if I’d like to help fly the plane. I was very worried at my complete lack of experience, and she told me it didn’t matter, I would figure it all out as I went. I accepted, said goodbye to my friends, and locked myself into the cockpit with the captain. I was pretty excited at this point.

Without being asked, I started flipping all these switches and pulling all these knobs like it was second-nature for me. Somehow I just knew what I was doing. We hit the runway and started to lift off the ground and as soon as we’d taken off, I looked over and the pilot had disappeared.

I suddenly knew nothing about the plane or how to fly it and I started to panic. Air traffic control began shouting things into my headphones and I couldn’t understand anything they were saying. The plane was heading higher and I started yelling for someone to come help me. Nobody came.

I finally took off my headphones and grabbed the control wheel. I closed my eyes and started saying to myself, “come on, come on, you know how to do this.” When I opened them again, I was still lost and confused. I yelled once more; nobody came to help.

The plane was headed higher than I’d ever been in an airplane, and soon I could see stars above us. If I didn’t do something soon, we’d all be dead floating space debris. I pulled the control wheel and the plane immediately went into a nose-dive.

I could hear people screaming behind the closed cockpit door but still the pilot didn’t return and nobody came to help me. I attempted to control the plane with one hand and I pulled out my cell phone and dialed Noah’s mom with the other. She answered and I told her, “make sure that Noah uses the small worms when he’s fishing that creek, not the big night crawlers. The fish will never bite those ones.”

Somebody yelled through the door, “when we’re all about to die is not the time to think about fishing!”

As the ground approached, I took a deep breath and pulled back hard on the wheel bracing for impact which at that point I thought was inevitable. I closed my eyes, ready to die, feeling so much guilt for all the lives that I was responsible for. Then…


I opened my eyes again and realized we were flying straight again, albeit only feet off the ground.

Then for some reason all that flying knowledge and know-how came flooding back to me and I took charge. I started driving the plane like a car, over hills and trees and lakes. We were only feet above everything, but I had that plane in control. I could still hear people panicking in the back of the plane, but I knew everything was okay. We went at least a few hundred miles like that.

Then, I saw a big corn field in the distance and I decided it was time to land the plane.

Just then the pilot came bursting into the cockpit and yelled at me. “What the hell is going on in here? Hand me the controls.”

I told him to get out; he had lost the privilege of helping to fly this plane and he certainly wasn’t going to get any credit for saving all these lives when he was the one who had gotten us into this mess.

We touched down in the field and after a bumpy ride, the plane came to a stop.

Somehow my dream skipped from that to standing in the field looking at the plane with my friends fearing that it was going to blow up at any moment. One of my friends told me that the pilot was still inside, and I said,  “let’s get out of here. If this plane blows up he’s not taking us with him.”

Then I woke up.

And it’s been one of those weird dreams that sits wrong with me all day long.

Anybody care to help me interpret this dream?

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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