Make Your Fireworks Photography Explosive!

The season of fireworks is upon us.  Taking amazing firework photos isn’t as complex as you might imagine.  I’ll share some photography “Do’s” that will pack more explosives into your photos, as well as some definite “Don’ts” that would snuff your picture’s flame in a flash!

Do #1:  Take a tripod with you. 

Pack it with your picnic; you’re going to need it!  Fireworks work the best at night and so does taking pictures of them.  A tripod will allow you to take photos with long shutter speeds.  If you can’t get your hands on a tripod, you can use a beanbag and rest it on the hood of your car or another steady surface.

Do #2:  Use a slow shutter speed.

The sensor of your camera only records light.  Because an individual firework only lasts for a brief moment, you can use extremely slow shutter speeds to capture more fireworks in one frame.  Try experimenting with different long shutter speeds and see what works the best.  If you put your camera into ‘Shutter Priority’ mode, then you can select the amount of time (up to 30 seconds) and the camera does the rest.  If you want longer than 30 seconds, switch to BULB mode (B).  In BULB mode you press the shutter to begin the exposure and then press it again to end it.  The aperture and ISO settings in BULB mode need to be set manually.

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