Haha… this is the post I was telling you I never got to share before my mani/pedi was ruined on the mountain. 🙂

A friend of mine was having a stressful day and she invited me to go with her to get mani/pedis. I’ve had them several times before, and have always enjoyed them as much as the next girl (dude, I swear I’m pretty sure I’m pretty straight).

But this time around, after they’d ground down and clipped all the grossness, they pulled out this big tub of pink melted goo and motioned for me to stick my feet in.

They didn’t speak English, and I just looked at them as if to say, “What the…”

My friend could sense my hesitation. “Just do it!” she said. “It’s melted wax and it makes your skin feel SO good!”

So, I obliged.

And all I have to say is… my mind has officially been blown.

After the wax-coating dried for a few minutes, Lin, the gal getting rid of my foot nasty, peeled it off.

And… dang.

All the callouses were gone. The skin was super soft. And my feet started singing the happier songs from Wizard of Oz.

Next she did my hands.

And the results were the same.

Ooooh. laaa. Freakin. Laaa.

So guys, next time you’re in with your girlfriends getting mani/pedis, be sure to ask them to bring out the paraffin wax.

And if you’re sitting there thinking mani/pedis aren’t manly… well, maybe you should read my post from yesteryear: Quit Being So Damn Manly.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Guys, any of you dare to admit you enjoy a good mani/pedi? And everybody, are you as in love with paraffin wax as I am?

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