Today brought a small passing storm through the state of Utah and over The Quail Fire that I’ve been telling you about. Heaven knows a lot of people have been praying for it. I mean, rain could only be good for putting out fire, right?

According to the fire spokespeople, this storm is both a hinderance and a help. You can watch a news story about it here.

The rain has downed the air attack that was planned for today. It’s brought mud which has made it hard for firefighters to maneuver. It also is keeping them from being able to set controlled fires ahead of the main fire.

But the rain also cools the fire and keeps it from spreading as fast which is a good thing.

I guess the lesson here is, be careful what you pray for.

My parents house seems to be out of danger at this point (phew!).

Amazing to see the way this mountain changes from day to day.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing