Where I live, I can walk to one end of my street and overlook the entire Salt Lake Valley. From the other end of my street I can see the Alpine mountains. Tonight I spent the evening walking back and forth between two very different scenes. Fireworks throughout the valley on one side. A fire still out of control on the other, still threatening to consume homes below.

Around 9 PM my parents got the word that they were allowed to go home again. The mandatory evacuation had been lifted. At 11 PM they got the call that the fire had shifted and they once again were in danger. The mandatory evacuation was again put in place.

This is what the mountain looked like at that point. That was three hours ago. I think I better go check on it.

Friday’s “Photo of the Week” will show the spectacular view of fireworks from the other end of my street.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. You can view a lot more photos of this fire by visiting my personal Facebook page (different than my SDL page) where I’ve posted them all and made them public.

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