Okay, I’ve been doing better. I didn’t miss a single day of tweeting and Facebook status updating this month. Some of my updates I’ve knocked out of the park. Others were a serious swing and a miss. Here is the last month of randomness that the brain of Dan Pearce often is.

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  • “Went to the mailbox today and out dropped a giant dog turd,” said an 80 year old man at the store today. I offered him my ninja skills.
  • What’s better? Seeing a live moose? Or getting a free bowl of Moose Tracks? For me, it’s sixes.
  • Dear women of the world. I owe you an apology for not realizing how tough you are to use tweezers. Tweezing isn’t exactly a cake walk.
  • I think my current favorite word in the English language is “cocklebur.” Such a villainous ring to it. You cocklebur.
  • Fill in the blank. Nudity is _____________.
  • I always thought purple was my favorite Gatorade because my friend loves it so much, but then I realized fruit punch is the bomb diggity.
  • Supplements – n. Little pills that you spend a fortune on and pull out of your cupboard barely used years later.
  • Noah… remember when we just barely bought you new shoes and I told you not to outgrow them for a while? You’re grounded for not listening.
  • I want to get arrested just so that I can use the mugshot as my profile picture. I think I’ll put it on my bucket list.
  • If you had to only read one magazine for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • True story: I woke up this morning naked and I can’t find the pajamas I was wearing when I went to bed.
  • “I don’t care if you have sex. I just don’t wanna see you when you do.” ~said a random woman to someone on the phone today.
  • Dead grass is kind of pretty. In a very ugly sort of a way.
  • Obnoxious – adj. When someone pulls up next to you and their car radio drowns out your car radio.
  • Any time I say something really stupid, I cover my ear and say to the offended person, “sorry, I wasn’t talking to you. I’m on bluetooth.”
  • Last night I had a dream that my elbows bent the wrong way. It was very awkward.
  • Why didn’t somebody tell me it takes more than a few weeks to get giant muscles BEFORE I committed to making myself healthy?
  • Mom to her kid today: “Do you hear that sound? It happens every time I’m around you.” Kid: “I didn’t fart, Mom.”
  • Anger. I think it’s about as useful as honey on a toilet seat.
  • Apples are gross. There. I said it. Ooooh, that feels so good.
  • “Pardon my ponch.” ~said me today. Unfortunately very seriously.
  • Just a dab of awesomeness and a pinch of sweetness and a spoonful of sugar. There. We just made my grandma.
  • Dear sir. You can wait 18 seconds for a urinal. #SomePeopleAreGross
  • I can’t help but think the multi-color foam car washes would be a hundred times more fun if I was high.
  • True story. I just saw two people at the park having a fight with deer antlers.
  • Two cameras walk into a bar. The bouncer says, “hey no flashing in here.” Okay, that was cheesy.
  • “If a mountain goat can do it. I can do it.” ~said nobody still alive.
  • Noah just offered to trade me his dollar for two quarters. There’s gotta be a catch.
  • “No way. That is not what we agreed on! You promised me Sesame Street!” ~said a lady on her phone at the bank.
  • Grossest vegetable ever. GO! (If you didn’t say beets you need to do this exercise again).
  • “Dad, ‘guilty’ isn’t a bad word, it just isn’t a fun word.” ~Noah

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. I warned you it was all very random. How about you? Do you have any random commentary on any of my random commentary?

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