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Whenever I create a piece of abstract photography, I can guarantee that although hopefully most will ‘get it’, there will be some that just look on in a daze.  With an abstract approach to your shot, there can be a very fine line between creating a powerful and emotive piece of art and creating an uninteresting piece of confusion.  That line is made even finer because especially with abstract work – “One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure!” 

Aside from that however, creating abstract photography has amazing rewards.  For me, I feel it releases my artistic beast from within.  There are 10 solid guidelines I have found over time that will make your abstract more impactful and able to draw the viewer in both mentally and emotionally.  With this form of photography above all others, once you know the rules, you can break them to your advantage.

1:  Take Artistic Licence – The great thing about abstract photography is you have licence to do whatever you want.  Trying to mimic other great photographs is good but only if you try to improve upon it and/or give it your own special twist.  Your art should be an expression of you.

2:  Got Lines? – Many effective abstract photographs have strong lines that can lead the viewer into and through the photo.  Curved lines that create a sense of flow are great, and so are straight and angled lines.  If it’s possible to include strong lines in your shot…do it.

Taba Staircase II Abstract Photography by ESP Photographic
While on vacation in Taba Egypt, I fell in love with this staircase that was in our hotel. The strong lines divide the photo into different sections, allowing the viewer to study each section as a separate element. (Abstract note: The stairs were not this color to begin with. The end result is my own finished artistic rendition.
Baby Black & White Abstract Photography by ESP Photographic
In this photo I took for a client, I experimented with different angles of light to accentuate the beautiful curves in the baby’s face.

3:  Color Your World – A splash of vibrant color will awaken the beauty of your shot.  Remember that with abstract photography, you are in control.  When taking photos of places, people, or objects, photographers don’t have loads of license to tweak the coloring of the shot because it will make those subjects look unnatural.  Abstract doesn’t play in the same boundaries so use that to your advantage by playing with color levels, hues, tones, saturation etc…

Blood Red Sunrise Abstract Photography by ESP Photographic
In my photo Blood Red Sunrise, I left the house early one morning in hopes of a fantastic sunrise by the lake. I was greeted however by an incredibly foggy morning that was as grey as an elephant. That didn’t stop me however from having a bit of fun in Photoshop! Is it realistic…not really. It’s abstract and therefore I can portray the photo just the way I want!
Abstract Photography - Staircase by ESP Photographic
This is the same staircase as the one above but I took even more license with the color and saturation than before.  The stairs were a dull yellow to begin with.
This piece is called Taba Staircase III (taken from the top of a staircase while on holiday in Taba Egypt).

4:  Rule of Thirds – If you’re not familiar with the Rule of Thirds I’d recommend a quick read-up.  It won’t be prevalent in every abstract but if you can include it, your shot will benefit immensely.

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