When I’m sick, I don’t trim my facial hair.

I’d say I don’t shave, but that wouldn’t be anything new. I never shave. I hate having a clean-shaven face. That perma-scruff you see in EVERY picture I’ve ever posted of myself… yeah. It’s very much on purpose.

I have my reasons. And I don’t have to tell you.

Oh fine, twist my arm. I’ll tell you.

When I have a clean-shaven face it literally takes a decade off of me. People think I look like a college freshman.

And that sucks. Cause I’m a man. A big, hairy, grumbly man.

Anyway, how the heck did I go off on that tangent? The purpose of this post was to say, “I’ve been sick with the throat crappies for almost two weeks, and this is the result.”

I’ve got a beard.

The problem… people are already telling me that having this beard takes years off of my face. I got carded for a PG-13 movie this morning.

Groan. I just can’t win in the manly contest. Back to a neatly trimmed scruff, I guess.

Of course, taking years off of my looks might be a good idea since I’m going back to school in January with people that were barely out of diapers when I graduated high school.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. What do you think? Do I look better with beard or scruff? Does your level of facial hair (or the level of your significant other’s facial hair) make you look a whole lot older or younger?

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