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Yesterday I shared the post Shaking My Younger Self by the Shoulders. Interestingly, I had no intention of writing what I wrote when I sat down. I was intending to write this post which is probably going to be far more boring and not sci-fi at all (I know, where’s the fun in that!?).

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about life lately. And by lately, I mean the last two years.

You’ll remember last fall I moved from that big ol’ Alpine house and downsized to something much more reasonable. Or at least I thought it was reasonable.

As it turns out, leaving a life of entitlement behind is a mental process. Simplifying life is a process. And, more than anything, learning the lessons I’ve learned about happiness, money, and success… is a real process.

I thought this house was a downgrade, but the truth is, our current home is way too much house for Noah and me. Granite countertops, three levels, three televisions, two family rooms, a garage, and still a lot of the finer things of life. Lately I’ve been looking at it all and thinking… this was a downgrade? Sure it was only 36% of my previous monthly payment and half the size, but damn if all it’s done is make me want even less.

So, I asked my Landlord to let me out of my lease. Thankfully she was awesome enough to do it. And I went house hunting.

I started by looking for single family homes or townhomes that might work. Nothing was really floating my boat. I just drove up and down countless streets in the area in which I wanted to live, looking for rental signs.

In the middle of it all, I passed by the community college campus. And I had this weird thought hit me.

It’s not too late to go to school. Maybe you could even be a teacher.

I was like, “whoa, where’d that thought come from?!” You see, when I was younger, I really wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. A high school teacher. When I look back at all the people who made the biggest differences in my life, the majority of them were teachers. And so, I always wanted to grow up and be one of those teachers. The kind that really makes a difference in kids’ lives.

But… as I mentioned yesterday, the money thing got in the way. And I quickly ditched that goal.

Yet there I was, face splattered with bits of life and experience, thinking something I hadn’t thought since I was a teenager.

Of course, when the thought hit, I immediately started making excuses as to why it was too late. I was too old. Not enough money. I live too far from the school. I’m a single dad. All that stuff.

It’s not too late to go to school. Maybe you could even be a teacher. Maybe you could be a computer programmer. Maybe you can get your nursing degree.

The thought bugged me for days.


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