>> I published this post on my Babble Voices blog, and I’m only permitted to post a snippet of it here (below). Read the whole thing and comment on Danoah Unleashed. >>

I have just experienced one of my toughest moments of parenting yet.

I tried to explain to Noah what a hillbilly is.

Now, this may seem like a simple thing to do, but actually run through the discussion in your mind. How would you explain a hillbilly to a child?

But before I get into that, I figure I better tell you why I had to explain the concept of hillbilly.

Noah was watching the screensaver on my computer, which cycles randomly through the pictures on my computer. I was in the other room working on something when I heard him squeal, “Dad, what’s this?!”

I came in and the image had already changed, but using my fancy arrow keys I found what had caused him excited alarm. It was this:


A picture of me, posing as a flamboyant hillbilly at my brother’s hillbilly bash last year.

“That’s a hillbillly!” I told him.

“What’s a hillbilly, Dad?”

>> I published this post on my Babble Voices blog, and I’m only permitted to post a snippet of it here. Read the whole thing and comment on Danoah Unleashed. >>

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