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Those Who Live Life Will Always Have Stories to Tell

Some people think I invent many of the stories I tell. But for those who actually get out and live life, there will never be a need to make up stories.

To Be a Better Blogger: Goal #1

GOAL #1: Respond to more of your awesome comments.

How to Take Jaw-Dropping Waterfall Photos!

Waterfall with Foreground Interest - Eric's Photography Corner
Do you want to take amazing waterfall photos that will stop people in their tracks? Our easy tips will get you there fast! All you need now is a waterfall!

Yesterday, The World Owed Me Something.

My day started out so perfectly. Because of that, I felt like the world owed me. And, it gave me something, all right... A lesson in humility.

Relationship Advice from a Teenager

Apparently, I've been doing just about everything wrong when it comes to dating, love, and life. After listening to two teenagers, I now have all the answers.

I Brokeded It Real Good.

Ion: A boat tube with four giant balls on its corners, made for silliness and fun. See a picture here (it's the most fun boat toy ever). Brothers: young or grown, a group of males who feel that pain and torture are an exciting and essential part of bonding. King of the Ion: a game in which brothers try to prove who's toughest by pushing each other off of an Ion while being towed at high-speed. Labor Day: an American holiday in which people take off work to go play at lakes. Formula we should ALL remember: ion + brothers + king of the hill + Labor Day sunshine = one seriously broken toe. Ouch. To the max. I brokeded it real good. But it was worth it. Back to regular posting tomorrow. Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing (the gimp)

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26 More of the Creepiest Things Ever Said by Kids

If you have kids, you know that sometimes they say things that, well, let's be honest... creeps you the heck out. These are 26 (more) of my favorite "creepy" kid stories.

The Faith Letter

One of these men…

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Scrooge You!

I decided to write out a narrative a couple weeks ago as if the Ghost of Christmas Past had visited me. This is what came out. And it has been powerful for me.

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