“I hate the whole “meet guys in bars” thing.”
“Unfortunately, history has proven that if you get a couple shots of Cuervo in me I will do pretty much anything you want.”
“I workout 6-7 days per week.”
“I take steroids and have to special order shirts that won’t cut off the blood to my heart.”
“I workout 6-7 days per week.”
“I am way out of your league, and I’m here because I hate all the guys who are in my league.”
“I workout 1-2 days per week.”
“Once or twice a week I stand in a really long line for coffee.”
“I workout 1-2 days per week.”
“About once every month I walk around the block before I pull a muscle and have to take the next few weeks off.”
“I like someone who is sarcastic and can take it as much as they dish it.”
“I don’t know how to be funny without putting you down.”
“I’m looking for a man, not a little boy.”
“I keep ending up with the kinds of guys whose only skills include doing things with joysticks.”

What did I miss?

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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