For those of us outdoors folk who actually live here in Utah, there’s a damn good reason for it. And I intend to show you all, one picture and one adventure at a time, why Utah really is the greatest place on earth.

I mean… you may be able to go to a family get-together and not be force-fed multiple Jell-O dishes (a real classic here in Utah), but I get to drive half an hour to American Fork Canyon and quickly get lost in a 20-mile drive through this…

The Alpine Loop in Autumn.

The Alpine Loop

The Alpine Loop

The Alpine Loop

The Alpine Loop

The Alpine Loop

The Alpine Loop
The hike to Stewart Falls is a Utah family favorite. This is a photograph I took of Noah on the way to the falls Sunday.
Stitched together from nine different photos. Click on this one to see a larger version.
Believe me, it’s just not the same small!

Tens of thousands drive the Alpine Loop each year to get lost in its breathtaking beauty (no matter what the season).

And that is why I live in Utah.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Do you have anywhere this pretty that you like to go during the fall? Are you having as good of fall color as we are? Can you spend hours upon hours in scenery like this the way I can?

PPS. Did you know you can download lots of my photography to use as free background images on your computer?

See all the free images (including some of the images above).

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