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Finally home from England. I’ll resume regular blog posting tomorrow. In ten minutes, I’m leaving to go pick up my kiddo.

Finally. Finally, finally, finally.

I haven’t seen my little Bear in ten very long days. In those ten days, I flew across a country. Twice. I flew across an ocean. Twice. My sister got married. Twice. (Another story for another day). I roamed the English countryside and shoreline looking for the winning photos for our upcoming photo competition. I fell on a muddy hillside and tore my hand open. (That was two days ago. The wounds are still soaking through the Band-Aids.) I had a little meltdown. I nearly froze to death. I got short-lived but serious food poisoning. I walked a lot of miles to see downtown London. I went and petted wild horses. I threw a bachelor party with my brothers. I never once got more than four hours of sleep. And, I did it all without my little Bear alongside me.

It’s amazing how unsettling it is to be on the other side of the world from your kid, with little access to communication, Internet, or a phone should his mom need to get a hold of me. I may as well have been on another planet sometimes.  I can honestly say I’ve never missed my kid as much as I did on this trip. Something just didn’t seem right with so much family together and he not being there.

In five minutes, I’m leaving to pick him up.


Eh, screw it. I’m leaving right now.

See you all tomorrow.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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