It’s kind of sad that sometimes the coolest things ever are completely inexplainable. Or at least the coolness and awesomeness of them are. In social gatherings, there are few things worse than excitedly telling somebody about something incredible or funny that happened, only to have them shrug their shoulders afterwards as if they’ve just lost a moment of their life that they’ll never get back.

Such moments usually end with the phrase, “I guess you had to be there.”

Like the story of the super bird.

I was driving down the freeway with Tobi (one of my best friends) when suddenly this large bird appeared out of nowhere. It looked like a cross between a falcon and a pigeon, and it started flying directly alongside our car, wings flapping like its life depended on it.

I looked at the speedometer. We were booking along at 66 miles per hour. This bird was having no trouble keeping up.

No matter how we curved or turned, this bird stayed alongside us. We started laughing. Was it racing us?

We sped up to 70 MPH. The bird kept pace. 72. The bird kept pace.

And then it got bored and zipped past us and started to fly alongside the cars in front of us. We’d never seen a bird fly so fast and so purposefully with the flow of traffic.

Then, the most amazing thing of all.

He flew to the other side of the freeway, into oncoming traffic, and started “hopping” the cars. He’d swoop down as if he would be nailed head on, and then would swish above them at the last second, and then down again, and then up and over.

At this point Tobi and I were literally screaming at what we were seeing. How was this possible!?!?

Eventually the bird either tired or bored of his romp through traffic and he flew away out of sight.

Seriously, it was so cool. To drive alongside a bird like that for probably close to two minutes.

Hmmm… I guess you had to be there. I promise, it was so incredibly awesome when it happened. It was like… it was like… oh, never mind. I guess you had to be there. Tobi can back me up on this story.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Have you ever had a bird fly alongside you while you were driving? And when was your last “guess you had to be there” moments?

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