If people were fruit, we’d have them all, wouldn’t we?

Some people would be red apples. Most people enjoy red apples. They’re sweet. They’re comfortable. You can always find them when you need them. They’re fun dressed up or plain.

Some people would be green apples. Green apples are like red apples, but they have an initial sourness to them that some people don’t care for. People who like green apples enjoy what comes after the sourness because after the sourness is the same sweet inside that a lot of red apples have.

Some people would be pineapples. It takes a lot to get past their tough outer husk, and once we do they can be a real joy, but too much pineapple all at once inevitably leaves you burned.

Some people would be watermelons. They think they’re tough. They may even think they’re impenetrable. But it never takes much to get to the sweet heart of a watermelon.

Some people would be papaya. Fantastic looking on the outside. Pretty. Exotic. And on the inside they taste like poo.

Some people would be coconuts. Almost impossible for anyone to get inside without a lot of work, and even then what they find is only good when it’s sugar coated.

Some people would be kiwis. They’re small. And sweet. They often go unnoticed but when people show up with kiwis to a party, everyone seems to enjoy them.

Some people would be plums. Hearty. Good. Healthy. Then life takes them and changes them to the point that they become something else altogether. Not something worse. Or less sweet. Just something different.

Some people would be oranges. They have a way of taking away the hurt and the sicknesses that the rest of us carry.

Some people would be Buddha’s hands. Weird looking, perhaps. Odd. Out of place. Not very common. Yet they add a unique citrus to life that is so nice for us to have.

Some people would be bananas. Not all that sweet most of the time. Sensitive. They bruise easily. Most people have no shortage of bananas in their lives, but they occasionally get tired of them and need a break.

Some people would be pears. Course. Dinged up. Hard as rocks until they’re good and ready to soften-up but in the end they always are the biggest softies of all.

Some people would be peaches. Most appreciated at family events, holidays, and get-togethers where people gain comfort from the dishes they’re being added into.

Some people would be strawberries. Okay on their own in group settings, but ten times better with the help of other fruits and toppings.

Some people would be blueberries. Rounder than they are tall. Lots of goodness to offer, but whose value is often overlooked.

Some people would be apricots. Every bit as good as the peaches but never seem to get invited anywhere.

Some people would be cantaloupe. Some people love cantaloupe and want it in their lives. Other people get cankers from it and stay away. Cantaloupe is definitely an acquired taste for many.

Some people would be pomegranates. Their importance overblown and generally not worth the effort or the price to get the promised goodness that they offer.

Some people would be grapes. Easy to walk on. There are always people willing to crush grapes and suck every bit of goodness from them.

Some people would be lemons. Not very good at all. Anybody who ends up with lemons in their lives will spend far too much time and effort trying to figure out how to make lemonade out of them.

Some people would be apple pears. Or pluots. Or any other fruit that presents itself as something new but has no real authenticity.

Some people would be tomatoes. They aren’t anything like other fruit and people argue about whether they’re even fruit at all.

And in the end, Life is so beautiful that I wouldn’t mix my bowl of fruit any other way. Would you?

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. How about you? What kind of fruits do you have in your life and what kind of fruit are you? And what fruit did I miss?

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