Just about everyone makes absolutely ridiculous and stupid life decisions sometimes. Sometimes big. Sometimes small.

And I don’t think it’s because any of us are really all that ridiculous or stupid.

I think it’s because sometimes we just want a little more adventure. Sometimes we want a little more drama. Sometimes we want a little more attention. And sometimes we want a little more love.

And maybe want isn’t the right word. I think sometimes we all need those things.

We need those things because we all need to be validated. And as crazy as it sounds, more adventure, drama, attention, and (of course) love validates us.

We’re not naïve. The majority of the time we know that our stupid and ridiculous life decisions are just that. Stupid and ridiculous.

We know that they’re rash.

We know that they might end okay but that they will probably end in disaster.

We know that they are unhealthy.

We know that they are the last thing any sane person would recommend we do.

And when we make these big life moves, we all really want the same thing, don’t we?

We want people to tell us, “we’re with you; we support you; we’re there for you.”

When we date that train wreck of a person, we want people to say, “she’s really great for you.”

When we go on a two-month eating binge, we want people to remind us that we’re still so dang beautiful and that they can’t see any difference.

When we drop out of college for no real good reason, we want people to tell us, “you’ll be just fine without it.”

When we attempt to jump onto moving trains and get our legs cut off in the process, we want people to say, “I would’ve done it too.”

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