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In the spirit of last Tuesday’s post (What People Are REALLY Saying on Dating Websites), I thought I’d get a little more serious about dating websites.


Dating websites. I love ’em. I hate ’em.

I love ’em because there are so many awesome people on them.

I hate ’em because there are so many weirdos, skanks, and frauds that always have a way of showing up to the party, too.

And yes. I said frauds. I know I got in trouble for that (with my Dating Misrepresentation post) for not appreciating when a woman showed up to a date with me much heavier than she presented herself to be online. Oh well. I still don’t think it’s okay.

Obviously there are certain levels of weirdness, skankiness, grossness, and fraud that every person is willing to put up with.

I’m okay with somebody showing up a little heavier or lighter than their pictures, with a different hairstyle or color, or even not having completely accurately portrayed how much they enjoy, oh, I don’t know… the great outdoors.

What I’m not okay with is showing up for a date and meeting someone who is not at all the person she presented herself to be on her dating profile.

I’m okay with somebody being a real flirt, having fun, and goofing off.

What I’m not okay with is a girl showing up with one intention… a one night stand.

I’m okay with weirdness. My friend Kelsey Blue Eyes, for example, is weird. I met her on a dating website. She watches Pokemon, plays video games, and even <gulp> plays Magic cards among other things. That’s weird for sure, but not a deal breaker. After all, I have my weird things that the women I date have to put up with.

Other women are way too weird, though. Like the ones who brag about their strange “toys” on a first date. And yes, it has happened more than once.

I’m okay with a little grossness, too. Though not a whole lot. Especially at first.

If a woman hasn’t fluffed one by month three. That’s a red flag. If a woman fluffs one, or even worse, rips a big one on date number one… that’s too gross and is a bigger red flag.

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