Last week whilst wrestling with a deep sleep, a small noise woke me up enough that I cracked my eyes open. A burst of adrenaline burst through my heart as I realized who was here.


I leapt onto my bed and crouched by my pillow. What was Hagrid doing here? In my bedroom? I was filled with wonder and terror at the same time.

I couldn’t speak. But somehow I knew that within moments he would be Lego Hagrid, and if I wanted a picture of the real Hagrid, it had to be now.

I ran past Hagrid, grabbed my DSLR, and raced back to my bed. Hagrid was still standing there, watching me, saying nothing.

As I fiddled with the settings, he began turning into a giant Lego version of himself. No, no, no, I thought as I snapped photo after photo only to realize that it was too dark to capture what I was seeing.

No one would believe me if I couldn’t get the picture.

I snapped one last photo. Before I looked down at it, I looked up at Hagrid. He was a Lego.

But did I get him in my photo? Did I have my proof that Hagrid, the big lovable Hogwarts giant was in MY room that night?

To my dismay, when I looked at the evidence I had collected, I saw only the giant Lego Hagrid. No one would believe me now.


I woke up. Camera in my hands. Staring at this on the screen:

A tower fan with my jacket draped over it.

I scrolled through the camera card and realized that I had taken about 30 photos in my sleep before I got this one.

Man, that was trippy.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Do you ever sleep walk and remember everything? Do you ever do crazy things in your sleep?

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