Love is Louder

I am working on a short response to all of your amazing responses to my coming-out post. I should have it out this afternoon or tomorrow. I thought I’d be hiding in that corner for a while, but you all made sure that I didn’t have to do that.

If you read the comments on yesterday’s post, the tweets, or the responses on Facebook, you probably noticed that I received a huge outpouring of love.

What you probably didn’t notice was that my Facebook subscriber count dropped quite a bit when I first posted it. In fact, throughout the day, I lost more than 2,000 subscribers (even though I gained more than that).

The reason I bring this up is because almost none of the people who left were saying anything mean or vicious or nasty on their way out. How could they? 

The love was so much louder.

And for that, I am beyond thankful. This all could have been very different for me had your love not swept in and made sure to take care of me.

Yesterday I also went to the gym, and they played a commercial for which I had to look up when I got home. It’s a project of the JED Foundation and MTV and is awesome beyond awesome. I hope you’ll all go check it out.

And if you do the “Love is Louder” thing on your hands (which I challenge you to do!), I hope you’ll send me the photos too. I’d love to make a blog post out of SDL folks who participate. That’d make a really Beautiful You this Sunday, wouldn’t it?

I love you all. Thanks again for making sure that love was indeed louder. I needed that more than you’ll ever know.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Here’s their little video.

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