True or false: At Thanksgiving dinner you stuff your face and your belly so full that you can barely move.

True or false: You do this because the Thanksgiving feast is so insanely good.

True or false: After you’re incredibly stuffed, someone brings out the pie.

True or false: You usually eat a slice of pie but not as much as you’d like because you’re already about to bust at the seams.

True or false: Eating that piece of pie is painful at best and often straight-up torture.

True or false: The pie is one of the best things at Thanksgiving dinner and almost always one of the least appreciated as well.

True or false: There is an answer to all of this.

If you answered true for all of these, I actually have the answer for you! It’s called Pie Night and my family has been doing it for years.

Truth be told, it’s probably my favorite extended family tradition of the year.

And yes, you may steal it and add it into your family routine if you like. In fact, I’ll be overly offended if you don’t.

The way it works is this.

The Monday before Thanksgiving, everyone in the extended family gets together (that was last night) for Pie Night. Each family brings one or two or three or six pies. We display them all. We slice them all. And then we all dig in.

It’s as simple as that.

We do it because nobody ever has room for all the yummy pies on Thanksgiving Day. We do it because pie deserves more attention. We do it because baking pies is fun. And, we do it because pie is just… plain… good.

Oh, plus it’s how we all get to see each other every year since our families are all starting to spread to the wind.

This year, Noah and I made two pies. Both were strawberry pies, but we added an amazing (if I do say so myself) twist. We melted chocolate and “painted” the pie crusts with it. Then we stuck the strawberries into the chocolate before pouring our strawberry filling on top. We call it “chocolate-dipped strawberry pie.” And it turned out so good. We made one with white chocolate and one with milk chocolate. The recipe is on page two if you want it.

Of course, our pies were just two of many, all which were so much better than those typical every-year store-bought pies. All made with love. All from the heart.

And now I’m 2 lbs. heavier than the day before.

So there’s your answer. You can finally have your pie and eat it too.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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