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First of all, BIG thanks to Xbox who sponsored this contest. The two top-dogs in this contest get:


But that’s not all. After I asked them *super* nicely, they agreed to throw in Noah’s two favorite games.


A little while ago, we put away Cabela’s hunting game for good and started playing NAT GEO instead. It’s so fun (even for me!), and Noah loves becoming his favorite animals and learning about nature in such an interactive way. If you don’t have this game yet, you should definitely get it. Learn more about it and see a video about it here.


I always thought it would be so cool to be on Sesame Street when I was a kid, and as a dad, I always thought it would be so cool if Noah could as well. Thanks to amazing visionaries, he gets to do just that (and really loves every minutes of it) in the Sesame Street interactive episodes. Whether it’s becoming part of Elmo’s World, counting with Grover, or any other number of things, it makes me feel so good as a dad to mix his love of video games with valuable learning. Learn more about it and see a video about it here.

The winners are announced below and were the two photographers with the most votes overall on their individual photo. That means they beat out everyone! As promised, if Eric or I won either of them, we’ll be donating our prize to families in real need this Christmas (probably via Sub for Santa).


As Dan’s arch photographic rival, and co-host of SDL’s Bro-Down photography competitions, I have the privilege of announcing the winners of last week’s contest. I’m Eric, Dan’s better looking brother. We live thousands of miles apart and whenever we do manage to get together, we come out with our trigger fingers blazing, ready to prove who is still king of the camera!

In Bro-Down I and Bro-Down II, we kept it in the family and only competed against each other. This time, however, was different. This time we invited you to compete against us! With 10 categories to choose from, nearly 1000 amazing photos were submitted. After much debating and a couple rounds of paper-rock-scissors we finally narrowed each category down to one photo that would line up against our entries.

After an amazing 15,547 votes on our main competition, here are the results:

Category: Abstract

Photographer: Dan Pearce
Title: Fallen Giant
Abstract 1st Place with 472 votes
Photographer: Eric Pearce
Title: Pillars of Hever Castle
Abstract 2nd Place with 215 votes
Photographer: Megan Graham
Title: Self Portrait
Abstract: 3rd Place with 178 votes


Category: Animal

Photographer:Deborah Curriere (website)
Title: Big Daddy
Animal 1st Place with 360 votes
Photographer: Eric Pearce
Title: Of the Lambs
Animal 2nd Place with 245 votes
Photographer: Dan Pearce
Title: Wild Horse
Animal 3rd Place with 223 votes


Category: Architecture

Photographer: Eric Pearce (website)
Title: Monarchy’s Dawn
Architecture 1st Place with 471 votes
Photographer: Doug Richardson
Title: Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament
Architecture 2nd Place with 276 votes
Photographer: Dan Pearce
Title: Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park
Architecture 3rd Place with 147 votes


Category: Black & White

Photographer: Heather Reger (website)
Title: Chick & Hens
Black & White 1st Place with 348 votes
Photographer: Dan Pearce
Title: Royal Steed
Black & White 2nd Place with 271 votes
Photographer: Eric Pearce
Title: Man O’ War’s Descent
Black & White 3rd Place with 216 votes


Category: Depth of Field

Photographer: Dan Pearce
Title: Hermit Crab
Depth of Field 1st Place with 342 votes
Photographer: Eric Pearce
Title: Life After Death
Depth of Field 2nd Place with 257 votes
Photographer: Caitlyn Pearce
Title: Glitter
Depth of Field 3rd Place with 196 votes


Category: Moment

Photographer: Christie Hobson (website)
Title: A Little Help
Moment 1st Place with 636 votes
Photographer: Dan Pearce
Title: Holding Her Umbrella
Moment 2nd Place with 156 votes
Photographer: Eric Pearce
Title: Artistic Princesses
Moment 3rd Place with 85 votes


Category: Motion

Photographer: Dan Pearce
Title: Walking In London
Motion 1st Place with 472 votes
Photographer: Kevin Christiansen
Title: 8 Seconds Too Long
Motion 2nd Place with 184 votes
Photographer: Eric Pearce
Title: Dan and the Exploding Egg
Motion 3rd Place with 87 votes
Dan gave a good explanation of this photo in the comment thread from the competition: “In England, their bachelor parties are a lot more vicious than they are here. They’re called stag nights and are a night of torture for the groom to be. We filled eggs with food coloring and threw them at Bevan (my new BIL) while he dug for clues about something. Of course, we hammed it up big time for the photo.”


Category: Portrait

Photographer: Phil Herbert (website)
Title: Remi – Portrait
Portrait 1st Place with 444 votes
Photographer: Dan Pearce
Title: The Old Laughing Woman
Portrait 2nd Place with 219 votes
Photographer: Eric Pearce
Title: Serenity’s Doorstep
Portrait 3rd Place with 133 votes


Category: Scenic

Photographer: Eric Pearce
Title: Durdle Door’s Eventide
Scenic 1st Place draw with 340 votes
Photographer: Dan Pearce
Title: Man of War England
Scenic 1st Place draw with 340 votes
Photographer: Nathan Pirtz (website)
Title: Portland Oregon
Scenic 2nd Place with 128 votes


Category: Water

Photographer: Eric Pearce
Title: Peaceful Turbulence
Water 1st Place with 479 votes
Photographer: Dan Pearce
Title: A Sailor’s Arch
Water 2nd Place with 202 votes
Photographer: Nathan Pirtz (website)
Title: Rapid Descent
Water 3rd Place with 122 votes


We decided beforehand that the winners of the two Xbox Kinects and games would be the two photos with the most votes. It’s a good thing too because I won one of the top spots by edging Dan’s Abstract out by a mere 7 votes with my water shot! Unfortunately both of us were absolutely creamed by Christie Hobson with “A Little Help!” Congratulations Christie on submitting the photo with the most votes. Enjoy your Xbox Kinect. I’ll be donating mine to a family in need this Christmas.

In the spirit of brotherly competition and ribbing, I won again! Your combined total may have been 315 more votes than mine Dan, but I won I won! I also had the two lowest scoring photos but that is 2 out of 3 for me!

Thanks to all who participated by submitting photos and voting on them. You made this competition awesome!  Page 2 has the winners of both the Split-Decision and Honorable Mention categories so make sure to see who took the glory home!

I’ll be visiting home for Christmas so keep your eyes peeled for another Bro-Down coming soon. (If Dan’s not too scared now!)

Eric Pearce, nemesis of Single Dad Laughing

P.S. Now that you’ve seen the results, do you agree with them? Do you think any of the photos got a raw deal?  Which one would you hang on your wall?