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Taking My Blog Back. Taking My Life Back.

There is a reason why my blog wasn't really mine for so long... the extremists. Well, it's time I take this blog (and my life) back. Goodbye 2012.

This is Beautiful You – LOVE IS LOUDER Edition!

Dog bites, unconditional love from all of you, and a whole lot of laughs. This week has been crazy awesome. Happy holidays everyone. This is Beautiful You.

Why I LOVE People

Yet another one of the many reasons I LOVE people.

You *thought* you liked Chinese food

Ever been to China? Like, real China? Let me tell you that it is awesome. Most everything, that is, except for the food.

The Ten Rules of the Divorce Club

There is a club that very few people make it into, and it's called the Divorce Club. The club is elite. It discriminates against...

My difficult confession

I am about to send a letter to somebody that I betrayed in the past. It's not easy for me to do, and I was hoping that you could tell me if you think...

Meet The Family Above Me

I promise you we could not have picked a better family in more timely circumstances for this gift.

This is Beautiful You – LOVE IS LOUDER Edition!

Was there ever a better time of year for a new batch of "Love is Louder" Beautiful You photos? I think not. This is Beautiful You. Love is Louder Edition!

The $10,000 Knock on the Door

Less than ten minutes ago, I took this package upstairs, left it on their doorstep, rang the doorbell, and ran.

The Great Cash Back Scam

When you go through the checkout line at the grocery store, you need to be *really* careful when they ask you if you want cash back.

Why I LOVE People

Yet another one of the many reasons I LOVE people.

Pulled from the Truth Box

These are the secrets you've never told anyone. And what everyone else believes is the truth. And somehow, it makes everyone so much more beautiful.

Coming Out to My Child

I wasn't ready for it, but he was asking questions. And his initial response hurt more than a steel toe boot to the nethers.

6 Reasons You Should Adopt a Single Person this Christmas

Sadly, in the last year, between 30 and 40 million single people were dumped. But you have the power to save a single person, and this is why you should.

Decision Time

After reading all of your suggestions and responses, and after holding a vote, this is what I've decided to do with the money that has been donated.

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I was never supposed to be on the Katie Show. Not...

This past week I was a guest on the Katie Couric show. This is how it happened, how I almost botched it, and why I was never supposed to be on it at all.

The Final Muddy Miles

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“Get in this! Get in this!” The Dive-Bar Selfie Experiment

I decided to do a little experiment: attempt to get a selfie with EVERY person at our favorite dive-bar. I didn't expect what happened next to happen at all...

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