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On my blog and on Facebook it’s been a positive, happy-happy love fest of sorts. Behind the curtains, so many people are still terrified. They’re still in pain. They still feel horrible pressure from the societies and religions that surround them.

My close friends are still scared and worried about what their friends and family will do to them if they ever embrace themselves fully. And that really saddens me.

It is true; this problem has gotten better, but it hasn’t been fixed. It’s just become more secretive, is all. The judgments and the pressure have started happening less in the open and have moved behind closed doors. At least in places like this. Places where the majority is still overwhelming and inflexible.

This movement for acceptance (not just tolerance) has made huge strides, but we must not forget that I am not everyone, and every city is not San Francisco or New York.

I received the love and response that I did because I am networked now with so many fantastic people. Had I never started this blog and had I never experienced so much perspective from people outside of my community, I probably never would have accepted my truth, and I probably (eventually) would have met my demise because of it.

But the vast majority of those who still struggle and who still fear their loved ones and their communities do not have such a large network of support and they do not live in places where people respond by saying, “you’re gay? Okay, next topic.”

Love needs to be louder for a long time to come. Love needs to be loud enough that people are no longer comfortable pressuring and scaring others behind closed doors anymore. Love needs to be loud enough that my friends and my loved ones no longer fear coming out. Love needs to be so loud that one day, there is no need to “come out” at all. Love needs to be so loud that nobody cares about this anymore.

That’s when we’ll know that love has been loud enough for long enough.

Until then, please don’t believe that we’re already there. Please don’t think that there isn’t more work to do and more love to show.

Do more than support a blogger or some celebrity or a person who lives in a place where it’s already so accepted. Make your love louder to the world. Make it louder to your family. Make it louder to your friends. Make it louder to those who live every day as terrified as I was only weeks ago.

We live in a place where our voices can be heard by dozens or hundreds of people around the world. Instantly. Send a status update. Send a tweet. And tell everyone. You love those who are anything other than straight. They have a friend in you. They won’t lose you or your support. Tell them that you will not tolerate anything but love for those who may be struggling. Do it today.

And if the thought of doing that is scary to you, maybe you should ask yourself why and do it anyway.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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Also, are you willing to do my challenge? Is it scary for you? What do you think it says about things if my challenge seems too difficult? And if you do accept my challenge, please copy and paste your status update or tweet into the comments below. I’d love to read them.

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