Haha. Ever since I shared the story of doorbell ditching the family above me on Friday with our $10,000 gift, I’ve been bombarded with emails and comments from people wanting to know what their reaction was, what’s happened since, am I sure they got it, etc.

Okay, maybe bombarded isn’t the right word. But at least ten people have demanded updates.

Okay, maybe demanded isn’t the right word. But they certainly were excited to know!

So was I, believe me! The rest of Friday passed and not a peep from the family above me. I kept checking my phone all day, willing it to go off. And, nothing.

I stayed up till 3:30 AM staring at my phone, sure that it would go off eventually. Um, yeah, we’ll go with that. My staying up late couldn’t have had anything to do with a *slightly* debaucherous Christmas party I attended, or that I was dancing like a white boy mad man in my friend’s kitchen with a bunch of other eggnog lovin’ peeps late into the night.


The next day I still hadn’t heard anything and come afternoon I was starting to get worried.

Then, at about 4pm when I was out and about with my siblings getting some Christmas shopping done, an unrecognized number lit up my screen. It was Mel, who I can now tell you is Martin. “I’m sorry I didn’t call sooner,” he said. “It’s been such an emotional couple days for us.”

I’m a grown man and I know what a grown man sounds like when he’s trying to hold it together. I asked if he could come by in the morning and I can only assume that he lost it at that point because his wife suddenly got on the phone and told me that would be fine.

The next morning, Martin and his wife Jackie came down and knocked on the door. As soon as they walked in, I knew that even a trip that short was no easy task for Jackie who I quickly would learn has stage 4 Ovarian cancer.


Not a lot was said while they were here. Both Martin and Jackie appeared to be in shock, if I’m being honest. We made a plan for how to get them the money (in the end, it’ll work best to give it to their caretaker daughter who is not tied to their benefits or assistance at all).

Remember how I told you I could see in Martin’s eyes that the dog bite was the last thing his family needed right then and that they just needed a win?

Well, that may have been the understatement of the century.

A few days before the dog bite incident, Jackie got the news that the chemo treatments hadn’t worked. Her cancer was spreading and she would have to start treatments all over again. The morning after the dog bite she was scheduled to start again.

On top of all that, she had gotten a spinal block to help her from feeling the pain in her lower half, but it didn’t work properly and had taken more than two excruciating days to kick in.

Insert, directly into the middle of all that, a psycho scary looking crazy man getting bit by their dog, and you can probably guess how fun that Sunday was for the Dick family.

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