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In the spirit of the dog-bite post and all the doggie debate that surrounded that…

And because I’m in a weird and slightly crazy mood right now…

And because I’m single on Christmas. Again…

Girl in a Christmas hat on a green background

There are six BIG reasons you should adopt a single person this Christmas. Here they are, in no specific order. Unless you’re an A-type personality and need them to be in a specific order, in which case I will tell you that their order is the reverse sub sequential prognosis of ten times the fifth root of a penguin’s best party pants.

6 Big Reasons You Should Adopt a Single Person

1) You’ll save someone special.

Sadly, in the last year, between 30 and 40 million single people were dumped in the United States simply because too many people started dating too many people in the past, and later realized that there was too much responsibility that goes with relationships. People are cute and cuddly at first, but they grow up and have real needs and feelings. As it turns out, it’s more work than putting a bowl of food out for them now and then.

The number of people being dumped each year could be reduced drastically if more people adopted mature singles instead of going after only the young cute ones.

By adopting from a single shelter or single rescue group, you’ll help save the lives of two people – the single person you adopt, and the poor lonely single elsewhere who can now be rescued because of the space you helped free up.

2) You’ll get a healthy person in your life.

Single people shelters are brimming with happy, boyfriendless and girlfriendless healthy people, just waiting for someone to take them home and offer them love. Most shelters examine single people and give them personality tests and health checks when they arrive. They also make sure they are not spayed or neutered. In addition to medical care, more and more shelters also screen singles for specific temperaments and behaviors (and those icky STIs) to make sure each person finds the right single for his/her lifestyle.

It is a common misconception that single people end up in shelters because they’ve been abused or done something "wrong." In fact, most single people are given to shelters because of lame exes in their lives, not because of anything they’ve done. Things like a divorce, a move, lack of time or financial constraints are among the most common reasons why singles become single.

3) You’ll save money.

Adopting a single person from a single shelter is much less expensive than buying one at a single person website or through other sources like Craig’s List or bars. In addition, singles from many shelters are extremely capable reproductively and they’ve all been vaccinated as children, which makes the shelter’s fee a real bargain.

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