My dear friends. Together we pooled together just over $20,000.00 to split with the family above me and with several other families who are in equal amounts of need. During the last 24 hours, many more generous donations have come in. All I have to say is that I am honored and humbled to be a part of this community that we have all built here.

Less than ten minutes ago, I took this package upstairs, left it on their doorstep, rang the doorbell, and ran. As I tip-toed up the steps and then ran down them again, I couldn’t help but feel as though you all were there right along side me, smiling, laughing, and feeling as happy as I did in that moment.



This is the letter I left for them. From all of us. Click to enlarge.


I can only imagine that your generosity will make a huge impact on this family.

I never thought I’d say something like this, but I am so thankful that I was bitten by that dog last Sunday.

Merry Christmas, everyone. You’ve taught me that love doesn’t listen to silly things like nationality, race, sexuality, or financial ability.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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