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I have some things to say about the events of the last 24 hours.

First off, where did all you flippingly fantastic people come from?

Honest truth: I didn’t think yesterday’s story or my request was all that notable. It wasn’t that bad of a dog bite, just a couple nasty little puncture wounds, really. My kid wasn’t attacked, just almost attacked. I showed you a photo of my bare thigh (that alone should have scared you away immediately). I was a real ass to the girl in the heat of the moment. And, the details I could share with you about this family were limited.

Because of all that, I thought, hey, maybe 500 or so people will donate a buck or two. My real hope was to surprise this family with a thousand dollars or so to make Christmas easier this year.

What I got was more than 1200 of you flippingly fantastic people donating thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars so far. Last I checked we had just rounded the $10,000.00 bend (I think writing out all the zeros makes it look even more humongous) and donations are still coming in.

Yeesh. I’m sorry I only called you flippingly fantastic. You are far more fantastic than that. More like flip-dippingly-dooda fantastic.

The whole thing has given me a lot to think about. I’m pretty sure I’ve read every comment that was made on the blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Let’s start with trust.

You don’t know me. Not really. You know a lot about me. You know what I present myself as, and what I put out there. But you don’t know if I’m truly honest or trustworthy. You don’t know if I’ll pocket half or most or all of the money for myself. I mean, you don’t know but that I’m a super flexible yoga man and bit a couple holes into my own leg just to make a few bucks. Okay, if you’ve seen pictures of me you know there’s no way I’m super yoga man. I’m lucky to reach my knees, sometimes. But still. You get the point.

Yet, more than 1200 of you now have given more than $10,000.00, through me, this guy you don’t really know, for a family that you can’t verify exists at all, let alone their struggles and conditions that I claimed they had. And I know a lot more than 1200 of you would have donated if so many of us weren’t strapped down in such tough financial situations ourselves.

So why did you trust me enough to do it? Why did you do it at all? I don’t know all the reasons. But I do know that it has done something amazing for my own belief in humanity. With all the dishonesty, and cheating, and horribleness that goes on in this world, all around us, every single day, sometimes it’s hard to believe that such a huge group of people will so openly trust and believe in the goodness of others. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that such a huge group of people would so openly trust and believe in the goodness of… me.

I want you to know that 1) I don’t take that lightly. And 2) I don’t consider this my gift to this family. I consider this our gift. We’re all a family here by now, aren’t we? And I think we need to have a family counsel about it.

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