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As I mentioned, I was only hoping for a thousand dollars or so. We’ve gotten a lot more than that and it continues to roll in. Personally, I am okay giving it all to one family (as I promised), however, I think it would be even more fantastic to spread the blessing to at least a few different families who could really use a win this Christmas. Heaven knows I know a few just off the top of my head that could use it just as much.

A few thousand dollars will make a phenomenal difference to any family who is struggling the way this family is, and it would also be an amount that wouldn’t interfere with their ability to collect disability or government assistance in the future. The last thing I want to do is have our gift hurt someone in the long run.

And so, I’ll leave it up to a family vote (which I’ll put on an official voting box on the last page of this post). The options will be: 1) Give it all to the family who lives above me as originally planned. Or 2) Secretly spread it between 3-4 different families in serious need. I would hand-pick the families on my own, and it might take a little longer than Christmas to find the perfect ones (I’d do my best to get it all in place before Christmas). When I say “secretly” spread it, I mean that the other families would receive it anonymously and I will be the only one who ever knows why or who. I’m a huge fan of anonymous giving. I will, however, be sharing what happens when I give the money to the family above me, which I have promised to do.

In all reality, I wasn’t expecting all this, and I want this all to go to wonderful places, no matter where those places are.

For my own tax purposes (PayPal reports to the IRS all the donations I brought in), I have to report where I’m sending the money. I have to keep it legit and completely on the books. Giving it to anyone “under the table” is not an option. So please remember this when you vote.

Anyway, the donations, and the trust, and the amazingness of you all wasn’t all that went down yesterday.

I ticked off more than one dog lover.

I can see why. I admittedly kicked a dog as hard as I could in the ribs. I also told you that the dog was being “taken care of.”

Here’s all I have to say about that.

I don’t care.

If a dog that I know is not safe (proof was dripping down my leg) starts heading for my child, I will rip its head off to protect my kid if I have to. If that dog survives, I will make sure that it is never anywhere near my kid ever again, and I will do what I have to do to get rid of it. And I will feel no remorse when it’s gone. That’s my kid you’re talking about. And if you’re a real parent at all, you’d do the exact same thing.

I am a dog lover. I am an animal lover. When it was all over, I knew very well that the dog thought I was a threat to its owner and that’s why it acted the way it acted. I was holding a big old coffee table above my head as I walked by for Pete’s sake. If I was a dog that would scare me.

But there are only two things that matter. First, an owner has to be able to control her dog when false threats approach. This is the duty of any dog owner, and if a person cannot control her dog, she should not have that dog. It’s not fair to the dog, and it’s not fair to anyone else. The dog and others will always lose.

Second, the dog went after my kid. And he wasn’t wagging his tail when he did. He was being aggressive. There is no excuse for that and I stand by what I said that it was a dangerous dog. Is it the owner’s fault when a dog is like that? Usually. But it doesn’t matter. A dangerous dog is a dangerous dog, and I’m not willing to continually bet my kid’s face or life on a dog that’s living in a bad situation.

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